Biomechanical Assessment

The cornerstone of Podiatry is biomechanics of the foot, ankle and legs. This represents the movement and function of the foot in relation to the body. Each person’s biomechanics is almost as unique as his or her genetic makeup.


Performing a thorough biomechanical assessment is imperative in diagnosing each individual’s foot function in order to create and implement a specific treatment plan to restore proper foot function.


These biomechanical assessments are done by hand, by viewing ones walk or gait and examining both feet and legs including toe function.


New state of the art and one-of-a-kind E-Gait Analysis Walkway™ System uses sophisticated digital mapping software technology to analyze each individuals walking or gait patterns and identify specific asymmetries. This information can then be used to create detailed treatment plans including more left to right and right to left specific, functional custom orthotic devices.


Often, wearing the wrong athletic shoes can cause foot, ankle, leg or knee pain. A biomechanical analysis can help to identify which shoe is best suited for your foot type and activity. An assessment of your feet, gait and previous footwear are all reviewed in order for a shoe referral to work well. Very often patients are in the wrong shoes with deleterious results.

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